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For Sale: Crude Oil Refinery

  • Dear Sir,

    We are pleased to offer you the following Crude Oil Refinery.
    This refinery is scheduled to be dismantled the latter half of 2013.
    We are not able to sell a complete plant facilities, but we plan to take out the some units and parts, etc. "AS LIVE"; for example, compressor, valve, pump, and related units.
    The total weight of these parts and units are to be approx. 20,000ton.

    #9179. Crude Oil Refinery
          1. Facilities List: attached
          2. Work Schedule and Dismantling Area Graind View: attached

    If the above would be of interest to you, please let us know.
    Kind regards,

    #9179. Crude Oil Refinery
      Capacity : 140,000BPD
        New : 1972 - 2013
    No.    Capacity (BPD)  
    1 DDS 30.000    
    2 2SR/SCOT    
    3 2HP                                     GOHDS 40.000    
    4 PF    
    5 1SR/ADIP                         DHDS 27.000    
    6 RBZ                                        NSB    
    7 VGOHDS/1HP 17.200    
    8 TOP/VAC 41.500    
    9 FCC 12.000    
    10 Waste Burning Furnace    
    11 FGD    



  • Posted on 21-3-2013 with tags:

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  • Re: For Sale: Crude Oil Refinery - Name: Mohamed Tantawi -Date:24.08.2013 02:35:13 -Country:New Zealand
    20130824 Please provide more details , pictures and price - is it all for scrap or secondhand sale pleased to hear asap

  • Re: For Sale: Crude Oil Refinery - Name: Hiro Matsumoto -Date:27.08.2013 09:24:32 -Country:Japan
    regret this refinery was already sold. for another sales items, please contact us if you are interested. kind regards, Hiro Matsumoto