|| Deutz 640 major spares available in new and recon condition for sale ||

Subject: || Deutz 640 major spares available in new and recon condition for sale ||

Date: 11/19/2021 2:33:24 PM

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Greetings from Abhi Marine Pvt Ltd,


We have recently added DEUTZ 640 all major spares in new and recon condition in stock for sale. These spares are available in bulk quantity.


Please see below the list for your reference, Pictures are attached.


1 Cylinder Head valve 15 pcs  NEW 
2 Valve cage        17 pcs  NEW 
3 Connecting road bush 16 pcs  NEW 
4 Nozzle            07 pcs  NEW 
5 Bellow           01 pcs  NEW 
6 Air starting valve  07 pcs  NEW 
7 Cylinder Head bear old   02 pcs NEW 
8 Piston ring    05 pcs  NEW 
9 Overflow pipe  15pcs  NEW 
10 Fule cam guide   05 pcs NEW 
1 Connecting Rod 14 pcs RECON
2 Piston 08 pcs RECON
3 Linner 08 pcs RECON
4 Valve Cage Complete with nimonic Valve 16 pcs RECON
5 Cylinder Head  08 pcs RECON
6 Piston Ring  54 pcs  NEW 
7 Injector complete 21 pcs  RECON
8 Injector Body 20 pcs  RECON
9 Valve Guide 17 pcs  NEW 
10 HP pipe 16 pcs  RECON
11 Air Starting Spindle 02 pcs  NEW 
13 C.R. Bearing 02 pcs  NEW 
14 Roto Cap 01 pcs  NEW 
15 Oil Pump 01 pcs  RECON
17 Plunger 06 pcs  RECON

You can also have a look at our DEUTZ stock

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Contact Name:Akshay Pillai
Company Name:Abhi Marines Pvt Ltd
Mobile Phone:+91 8291500145

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