Subject: HASEGAWA VM42 RM Compound Compressor and Spare Parts

Date: 6.8.2019 15:38:38

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VM42RM compressors should not be operated beyond the following limits:

Compressor RPM: Max. = 1250 rpm (VM =1500rpm) Min. = 600 rpm
Compression ratio Max. = 15 Target Max: R717 – 10, R22 – 11
Pressure difference Max. = 227 psi (16.47 kg/cm″) [1.6MPa]

Suction pressure, Two stage compressors:

Max. 28 psig (C.S.T: R717 = 14°F, R22 = 5°F)

Max. 0.2 MPaG (C.S.T: R717 = -10°C, R22 = -15°C)

Min. 11 psig (C.S.T: R717 = -76°F, R22 = -94°F)

Min. -0.08MPaG (C.S.T: R717 = -60°C, R22 = -70°C)

RM type compressor

Max. Determined by motor capacity.

Min. 11 psig (C.S.T: R22 = -94°F)

Min. -0.08MPaG (C.S.T: R22 = -70°C)

Model VM42

Cylinders: 4+2

RPM (Max): 1200

Bore In.: 115mm

Stroke In. 90mm

Unloading Steps 4-2

Suction In. 80mm

Discharge Low Stage In.: 40 mm

Suction High Stage In.: 40 mm

Discharge In.: 32 mm

Net Weight kg 1290

Oil Charge Litres: 25

Discharge pressure Below:          213 psig (C.S.T: R717 = 104°F, R22 = 104°F)
                                                                1.5 MPaG (C.S.T: R717 = 40°C, R22 = 40°C)
When compression ratio is high, temperature of discharge gas should be less than 248°F.

Oil Pressure:                      Max. = 114 psig                                 Min. = 28 psi Differential
                                                Max. = 8kg/cm2G                             Min. = 2kg/cm2 Differential

Oil Temperature:             Max. = 140°F                                      Min. = 59°F
                                                Max. = 60°C                                        Min. = 15°C
                                                Normal operation = 131°F            Normal operation = 55°C

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