Subject: Mitsubishi MET83 SD : Spares for Sale [GENUINE]

Date: 1/27/2022 1:09:20 PM

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MET83 SD : Genuine Spares for Sale

Sr. No: 30086,30087

Specification: CS2E37DDSMB

Mac Cont Speed: 11600 RPM (Min Temp: 580° C)

Drawing  NoPart NoDescriptionQty
N36-849-5012-124Gas Labyrinth (B)9
N36-849-1014-135Oil Labyrinth (T)5
N36-849-1013-137Oil Labyrinth (B)4
N36-859-4008-163Thrust Collar (D213)6
N36-J09-4014-A70Journal Bearing4
N36-J19-4024-A71Thrust Bearing3
N36-J19-4023-A73Thrust Bearing (B)5
N36-849-5013-1221Gas Labyrinth (T)2
N36-849-5021-1221Gas Labyrinth (T)10
N36-709-4001-1251Gas Seal Ring 6
N36-362-0131-5284Gasket 5K-1002
N36-362-0131-5286Gasket 5K-1004
N36-361-0034-1472O-Ring 2
N36-849-2001-A746Oil Thrower1
N36-362-0176-9805Gasket 5K-1003
N36-362-0166-5833Gasket 5K-405
  Bolt M24x603


All spares are Genuine and NEW. Kindly revert with interest for the same


Thanks & Regards

Neil Gudiwalla


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