Subject: || ALFA LAVAL SEPARATORS Available in Stock ||

Date: 3/3/2022 2:36:26 PM

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We have ALFA LAVAL SEPARATORS available in our stock for sale.





1. ALFA LAVAL S936 - 6 PCS

2. ALFA LAVAL S946 - 2 PCS

3. ALFA LAVAL S921 - 1 PC

4. ALFA LAVAL S957 - 1 PC

5. ALFA LAVAL P605 - 3 PCS

6. ALFA LAVAL P615 - 3 PCS

7. ALFA LAVAL S805 - 6 PCS

8. ALFA LAVAL S815 - 4 PCS

Part Name: Separators

Condition: NEW

Kindly contact us for more Details.

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Best Regards,

Mr. Akshay Pillai

BD Department, Manager

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Contact Name:Akshay Pillai
Company Name:Abhi Marine Pvt Ltd
Mobile Phone:08291500145
Country:United Arab Emirates

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