Subject: || Aqua-Dyne GA 200 DS , GA 200 ES - HP PUMPS ||

Date: 10/25/2023 3:19:02 PM

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We have KMT Aqua-Dyne GA 200 DS , GA 200 ES - HP PUMPS available for sale, Ex UAE


Make: KMT Aqua-Dyne, Inc.

Model: GA 200 DS , GA 200 ES

Year: 08/07, 10/08

Mfg Sr No: 08-53297B, 508616

Unit output: 6.8 GPM at: 40000 PSI

at:600 Pump RPM: 2100 Engine RPM

Max Allow Work Pressure: 40000 PSI at 80 °F

Test Pressure: 40000 PSI


Pump spec no: D45027-10

Pump s/n: 849 JCB

Drive Spec no: S25905-43, S51773-63

Drive s/n: U 013021S, HAWW1199-3

S.O. No.: 53297

P.O. No: S-1857, DAS/DAS/848 S 11

Theoretical Flow: 40000

GPM at 8.5


Kindly revert for more details.


Best Regards,
Mr. Akshay Pillai
BD Department, Manager

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