Subject: || Caterpillar C18 Gensets (Unused) Ex-work - UAE/INDIA ||

Date: 1/23/2023 10:27:11 AM

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We have CATERPILLAR C18 Gensets in our stock, Unused. Ex work - UAE/India


Engine Model:    C18

YOB: 2005, 2006, 2007

Phases: 3

Rated Power: 532KVA / 425KW

Freq.: 60 HZ

P.F.: 0.8

Voltage: 440

Current: 696A

RPM: 1800

Excitation: 28V, 6.3A

Generator V: 440V, 696A

Gen S/N:

8HG01921, 8HG02047, 8HG02023, 8HG01916, 8HG02022, 8HG01922, 8HG02050,

8HG01934, 8HG01929, 8HG01931, 8HG02051, 8HG02048 


Kindly Revert for more details and Pictures.



Best Regards,

Mr. Akshay Pillai

BD Department, Manager

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What is CATERPILLAR C18 Genset ?

The Caterpillar C18 is a model of diesel generator set (genset) produced by Caterpillar Inc. The C18 is part of Caterpillar's line of industrial generator sets, which are used to generate electrical power for a wide range of applications, including industrial and commercial use, as well as for emergency power backup.

The C18 genset is powered by a Caterpillar C18 diesel engine, which is known for its reliability and durability. The engine is equipped with a number of features to ensure it runs efficiently and effectively, such as an electronic control module (ECM) that manages fuel injection and other engine functions, and an air-to-air aftercooler that helps to reduce engine temperature and improve performance.

The C18 genset has a power output range of 400 kW - 600 kW (500 kVA - 750 kVA) and is equipped with a variety of features to improve its performance, such as a digital voltage regulator, a programmable logic controller (PLC), and an automatic voltage regulator (AVR). It also has a variety of control options available, including manual, electric, and hydraulic control.

The C18 genset is designed to be highly efficient and reliable, with a long service life. It is also designed to meet a variety of emissions regulations, including the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Tier 4 Final emissions standards.

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