Subject: || MWM DEUTZ TBG 620 V12 K - GAS GENSET ||

Date: 12/15/2022 12:43:44 PM

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We have MWM DEUTZ TBG 620 V12 K - GAS GENSET in our UAE stock.


Make: MWM Deutz AG

Model: TBG 620 V12 K

Year: 2003


Rating: 1050 kW

Speed: 1500 1/min

Px: 1000 mbar

tx: 25 °C

x: 30 %

Tcx: 40 °C

F: 2.4

Serial No: 69886750201

Rated Power COP: 1019 kW

Rated Power Factor: cos phi 10

Max. site: Altitude of installation: 100 m

Max ambient temp: 25 °C

Freq: 50 Hz

Voltage: 400/231

Amp: 1670 A

Mass: 8800 Kg  


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Mr. Akshay Pillai

BD Department, Manager

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1/31/2023 8:26:45 PM Moldova, Republic of


good evening! Can you please tell me how many hours worked? Was there a major overhaul? can be put to work? what is the price? we are in Moldova. Bionica energy company With all respect, Andrew



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What is MWM DEUTZ TBG 620 V12 K - GAS GENSET ?

MWM DEUTZ TBG 620 V12 K is a model of a gas genset (gas-powered generator set) produced by MWM, a subsidiary of Deutz AG. A genset is a complete power generation system that consists of an engine, generator, and various control and monitoring systems, housed in a single package.

The TBG 620 V12 K is a high-performance, 12-cylinder gas engine that is designed to generate electrical power. It uses natural gas, biogas, or landfill gas as fuel and operates on the four-stroke cycle principle. The specific features and specifications of the TBG 620 V12 K, such as its power output, fuel efficiency, and emissions performance, would depend on the year it was manufactured and any customization that may have been made for a particular installation.

MWM is known for producing high-quality and reliable power generation equipment, and the TBG 620 V12 K is no exception. The engine is often used in a variety of applications, including peak shaving, backup power, and combined heat and power (CHP) systems.


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