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Date: 2/14/2023 12:52:24 PM

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|| NEA seismic Compressors ||


NEUMAN & ESSER Seismic Air Power systems for sale



We have recently procured 2 units of unused NEUMAN & ESSER Seismic air Power systems.


NEUMAN & ESSER developed it for seismic offshore searching for oil reserves on the seabed.


The NEA SAPS (Seismic air power system) consists of a screw compressor and a V-type reciprocating compressor. The screw compressor compresses the air from atmospheric pressure to approx. 15 bar. The reciprocating compressor then compresses the air to the desired delivery pressure.


Compared to a solution with only one reciprocating compressor, the NEA SAPS System is considerably smaller and lighter and does not transfer any vibrations to the ship. Moreover, this system requires fewer wear parts such as suction and discharge valves or piston and guidance rings, reducing maintenance work to a minimum.


We have 2 units that are unused, removed from a newly built canceled seismic survey vessel.



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Mr.Akshay Pillai

Business Development Manager 

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