Subject: || Unused heat exchangers available in stock ||

Date: 12/22/2023 11:50:46 AM

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|| Unused heat exchangers available in stock ||


We have the following Plate heat Exchangers in our stock. Below are the details mentioned.


1) GEA Ecoflex Certified Kelvion NX 150 X BA-300 Heat Exchangers in stock. Ex-work UAE. we have new units, 20 units are available.

Make: Kelvion

Plate Heat Exchanger type: NX 150 X BA-300

Serial no: 158/10460

Test Pressure: 26.0 bar

Year: 2015


2)  SONDEX SL333TK-110-PN25 PLATE HEAT EXCHANGER in New condition. Exworks- UAE. 1 unit available, New  

Make: Sondex

Model: SL333TK-110-PN25

Part: Plate Heat Exchanger

Serial No: 105783_1

Year: 10-10-2016

V. Vol. in Ltr.: 132.98



3) Barriquand S62IS A1A1 N4 Heat Exchangers in our Stock.  - 6 Units available

Make: Barriquand  

Model: S62IS A1A1 N4 1x74 / 1x74 4TMTL97

Apparel No.: 63791

Year: 2008

No of Plates: 149

Circuits: F1-F4, F3-F2

Volume: 154.5 Liters



4) ALFA LAVAL M10 Heat Exchangers

Make: Alfa Laval

Model: M10-RFM, M10-BFM

Serial No.:

M10: 30145-32960, 30105-32959




5) APV N35 Heat Exchangers

Make: APV


Serial No.: 65560, 65561

Condition: New/Unused


Kindly Contact us for more information.


Best Regards,

Mr. Akshay Pillai

BD Department, Manager


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