Subject: Allocation for CIF and FOB

Date: 11/18/2023 6:42:24 PM

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To: End buyer / buyer mandate.


WE ILGA NEFTEGAZ . UNDER PENALTY OF PERJURY HEREBY confirm the availability of the below products sealing to the port of Rotterdam the Netherlands:


2,000,000 barrels of JET FUEL (A1).


200,000 metric tons DIESEL FUEL EN590 10PPM.


100,000 gallons of virgin oil D6.


We hereby confirm the above products available at the port of Rotterdam we are looking for a real and ready buyer of the above product to establish a long time relationship with the buyer.


Note: Dip and pay procedure with verifiable PPOP documents.


We are waiting to hear from you as to send your purchase order or letter of intent as to proceed in accordance with our company procedure.

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