For Sale: Bunkering Barge - Built - 1997 Shanghai by Jinjiang / converted in Cape Town 2001

Subject: For Sale: Bunkering Barge - Built - 1997 Shanghai by Jinjiang / converted in Cape Town 2001

Date: 12/8/2021 12:08:23 AM

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Twende Africa Group of Companies (PTY) LTD or T.A.G. is a registered company based in Cape Town, South Africa with associated partner networks in Norway, UK, Netherlands, USA, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. TAG Marine is an independent shipbroking company offering a complete range of shipbroking, business development and management services to vessel asset owners in the maritime industry.?

What is the purpose of bunkering?

Bunkering is the supplying of fuel for use by ships, and includes the shipboard logistics of loading fuel and distributing it among available bunker tanks. A person dealing in trade of bunker fuel is called a Bunker Trader. The term originated in the days of steamships, when the fuel, coal, were stored in bunkers.

Following Bunkering Barge For Sale by Twende Africa Group of Companies (PTY) LTD South Africa

Bunkering Barge  

Built - 1997 Shanghai by Jinjiang / converted in Cape Town 2001
Classification - Bureau Veritas
Length OA - 67.13m
Beam - 19.81m
Moulded Depth - 5.03m
Flag - South African
GT - 1,731T
NT - 821.4T

Main Engines - 2 x CAT. 3408 @ 358kW each
MFO pump Engines - 2 x C7 Caterpillar Marine diesel engines of 205Kw each 
BGO pump Engine - 1 x Detroit, 71 Series-71inline – 4 - RCR of 63kW 
Alternators - 2 x 3056 Caterpillar gensets @ 84Kw each

HRP Thruster Systems - 2 x HRP Rudder Propeller units.
Type - HRP 400. Code 410-50, of 400kW output @ 1800rpm
MFO x 2 - Plenty Mirrlees Pumps
Series - W225-135
Type - Bareshaft Twinro                                                                                 
Capacity - 300m³/h each (at ±2000rpm eng. speed)

Pressure - 7 Bar
MGO x 1 - Make - Stork CEN 125-400
Model 150m³/h (water) - based on eng. speed

1Portside 100% 705.845T 90% 635.261 MT 90% 622.555
1 STB 100% 705.061T 90% 634.555 MT 90% 621.864T
1 Center  100% 235.758T 90% 212.182T MT 90% 207.939T
2 Portside 100% 469.959T 90% 422.963 MT 90% 414.504T
2 STB 100% 470.663T 90%  423.597T MT 90% 415.125T
3 Center  100% 235.237T 90% 211.713 MT 90% 207.479T
Total MFO 100% 2822.523T 90% 2540.271T MT 90% 2489.465T
2 Center 100% 470.085T 90% 423.077T MT 90% 359.615T
Total DMA 100% 470.085T 90% 423.077T MT 90% 359.615T
Inspections: South Africa 
Subject Unsold and Available against buyers details and background.  
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Contact Name:SNP Team
Company Name:Twende Africa Group of Companies (PTY) LTD
Mobile Phone:0027766160242
Fax: 0027862356240
Country:South Africa

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Oster Richard
12/8/2021 9:20:38 AM Pakistan

Hello! SNP Team

M/s. Twende Africa Group Companies Pyt. Ltd.

South Africa.

Have a good day!

Good to have your currents availability of Bunkering Barge  and its status for Scrap/ reuse along  site pictures FOB/C&F price?

Thanks and regards,

O. Richard.

M/s. Royal Enterprises-Owner,

T. +92-333-341-85-43




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