Looking For Buy 1000 – 1500 DWT General Cargo Ship

Subject: Looking For Buy 1000 – 1500 DWT General Cargo Ship

Date: 3/10/2023 4:40:56 PM

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Dear SNP / Ahsan,

We,SS INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING intends to purchase a general cargo ship 
-1000 – 1500 DWT, delivery as is where is basis.
Please advise suitable candidates and buyer is fully ready to proceed.

(Budget 250K USD & BELOW) Near scrap levels required

Kind Regards,

Ahsan Rasheed,
Chartering Dept.,

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What is 1000 – 1500 DWT General Cargo Ship ?

A 1000-1500 DWT (deadweight tonnage) general cargo ship is a type of small to medium-sized vessel designed to transport a variety of dry and packaged goods in bulk or packed form.

The deadweight tonnage of a ship represents the total weight of cargo, fuel, water, provisions, and other supplies that it can carry, in addition to the weight of the vessel itself. A 1000-1500 DWT cargo ship can typically carry between 1000 and 1500 metric tons of cargo.

General cargo ships are designed with flexible cargo carrying capabilities, allowing them to carry a wide range of goods, including containers, bulk cargo, and breakbulk cargo. Breakbulk cargo includes items that are too large or heavy to be containerized, such as machinery, vehicles, and timber.

These types of cargo ships are often used for short-haul routes between ports that may not be easily accessible by larger vessels. They may also be used for transporting goods to remote or island communities.

Overall, the 1000-1500 DWT general cargo ship is a versatile and efficient vessel type that is commonly used in the shipping industry for the transportation of a wide range of cargo.


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