Subject: || KATO NK-500E-v FULLY HYDRAULIC TRUCK CRANE 50 ton capacity ||

Date: 6/8/2022 2:09:42 PM

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We have 2 units of KATO NK-500E-v FULLY HYDRAULIC TRUCK CRANE (used) for sale in UAE Location.


Make: KATO

Model: NK-500E-v

Maximum rated lifting capacity: 50.5 metric tons’ x 3.0m 

Boom length: 10.8m-40.0m (5 section) 

Fly jib length: 9.2rn-15.0m (2 section) 

Boom derricking angle: -2°-81°

Boom derricking time: 63 Sec. (-2°-81°)

Boom Extending time: 132 Sec. (10.8m – 40.0m)

Hoisting line speed Main winch: 115m/min. (at 3rd layer)

Auxiliary winch: 100m/min. (at 2nd layer)

Hoisting hook speed Main winch (part of fine: 12): 9.58m/min. (at 3rd layer)

Auxiliary winch (part of line: 1): 100m/min. (at 2nd layer)

Slewing Speed: 2.4 rpm

Crane cab: All steel welded construction (Placed on a MITSUBISHI TRUCK)


Wire rope Type: 4 x F (40) (Non-rotating type) 

Wire rope for hoisting Main winch; 

Diameter: 18mm

Length: 180m

Wire rope for hoisting Auxiliary winch; 

Diameter: 18mm 

Length: 120m


Hydraulic System

Oil pump: section gear type

Hoisting motor: Axial piston type

Slewing motor: Axial piston type 

Cylinder: Double acting type 

Control valve: 3 position 4 way double acting with integral check and relief valves 

Oil reservoir capacity: 650 Ltr.

Capacity: 50 ton


Kindly contact us for more images and details.


Best Regards,

Mr. Akshay Pillai

BD Department, Manager

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Contact Name:Akshay Pillai
Company Name:Abhi Marine Pvt Ltd
Mobile Phone:+91 8291500145
Country:United Arab Emirates

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