Subject: 1x Caterpillar G3520C Used 2004

Date: 4/19/2023 4:42:38 AM

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1x CAT G3520C


OUTPUT: 400 V; 2500 kVA; continuous; 1500 rpm; 50 Hz

Hours: 60300 hours

Notes: Gas Engine CAT G3520C, Major overhauled in 2014 at 48.600 hours with new REMAN, incl. CHP Modul, Gas train

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8/19/2023 7:56:28 PM Iran, Islamic Republic of

Dear Sir

Is it working after the overhaul? what are the terms of delivery, price? 



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What is Caterpillar G3520C Genset ?

The Caterpillar G3520C Genset is a natural gas-powered generator set designed and manufactured by Caterpillar, a global leader in engines and generator sets for various applications. This specific G3520C genset has a continuous output rating of 2500 kVA, 400V, 1500 rpm, and 50 Hz frequency. It is suitable for use in various industries and applications, such as commercial, industrial, and utility power generation, as well as combined heat and power (CHP) systems.

Here are the key details of this specific Caterpillar G3520C Genset:

  1. Generator Output: Provides a continuous output of 2500 kVA at 400V and 50 Hz frequency.
  2. Speed: The engine operates at 1500 rpm, which is a common speed for generator sets in 50 Hz applications.
  3. Total Hours: The genset has accumulated 60,300 hours of operation.
  4. Overhaul: The gas engine underwent a major overhaul in 2014 at 48,600 hours, which included the installation of new REMAN (remanufactured) components.
  5. CHP Module: This genset is equipped with a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) module, which allows for the efficient generation of both electricity and useful heat.
  6. Gas Train: The gas train is included, which is the system of components responsible for regulating the supply of natural gas to the engine.

Overall, this Caterpillar G3520C Genset is designed to provide reliable, efficient, and environmentally friendly power generation for various applications. The overhaul in 2014 and the inclusion of the CHP module and gas train further enhance its performance and capabilities.



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