Subject: 2 small lots of non-IMO sulphur - Spain / Argentina

Date: 12.03.2014 11:36:11

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Good day all!

Looking for vessels to load bulk fomed non-imo sulphur Coruqa & Tenerife, Spain to Lima & Campana, Argentina:

Acct. PRI
Coruqa, Spain / Lima, Argentina
6,000 +/- 10% moloo
Lydays: Prompt - spot
Max Beam: 18m. Max air draft water line to top of hatch coamings: 7.2m
Load rate: 2,500 PDPR SSHEX IEU
Charterers agents both ends
ideas: high 80 s per mt
2,5% ttl here

Acct. PRI
Tenerife(Islas Canarias), Spain / Campana, Argentina
Quantity: 2,900 min/max
Loading: Prompt - spot
Load rate: 1900 SHINC
Charterers agents both ends
ideas: high 90 s per mt
2,5% ttl here

Restrictions at Tenerife port:
- LOA: 95 m, Max Beam: 12 m, Waterline to hatch coamings in ballast: 5m
- appendix B fitted to carry UN 1350 4.1 Class B formed sulphur



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