Subject: 20MWe Steam Turbine Generator Set

Date: 4/2/2021 11:50:37 AM

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20MWe RUS OEM steam turbine generator set from the thermal power plant Used 9700HRS since last overhaul 2004Y 6300V 50Hz 3000RPM Inlet steam 237TPH 29bar 400C Steam extraction 150TPH 13bar 313C EXW RUS

 RUSOFFERS GTE seeks response from independent power gen developers, NRG assets Build-Own-Operate, EPCF contractors or appointed OEM independent service providers who have capabilities and interest to acquire the proposed STG set manufactured in Russia with a purpose to use in own thermal power plant or project for steam and power generation with fulfillment after sales services on a prospective site: engineering, relocation, installation, commissioning, revision, reconditioning, maintenance, spares supply agreement

 1. Steam turbine generator set 2004 YOM 50 HZ 6300V has 105.000HRS AOH, 9700HRS since last major overhaul and fixed operating life 300.000HRS, Type turbine: condensing turbine with controlled steam extraction

2. Number of cylinders: single cylinder steam turbine

3. Steam turbine operating modes:

- mode operation with controlled steam extraction (for production and heating purposes)

- condensing mode operation

4. Electric power of the turbine at nominal operating parameters:

- nominal: 20.4 MWe

- maximum at condensation mode: 29 MWe

5. Speed: 3000 rpm

6. Steam inlet flow:

- nominal at controlled steam extraction mode: 237.5 tons/hour

- nominal at condensation mode: 147.4 tons/hour

7. Steam inlet parameters:

- absolute pressure: 2.9 MPa

- temperature: 400 C

8. Nominal outlet steam parameters for production steam extraction:

- mass flow: 150 tons/hour

- absolute pressure: 1.3 MPa

- temperature: 313 C

9. Nominal outlet steam parameters for steam heating:

- mass flow: 12.4 tons/hour

- absolute pressure: 0.2 MPa

- temperature: 176 C


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