Subject: 22000T Lifting Capacity Floating Dock For Sale

Date: 2/14/2023 5:10:33 PM

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Good day!


We can develope one 22000T lifting capacitiy floating dock for sale from our close client in Guangzhou, China.


Seller want to sell the FD based on the "AS IS, WHERE IS" condition( no classification certificate). 

As broker, we think can try low 20-middle 20 m for this FD to test. 

If need classification certificate, need extra cost.

If your client has interest, please let us know.

Best Regards,

Hu Bowen

Union Marine Development

Your Newbuilding, finance and SNP consultant in China


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What is 22000T Lifting Capacity Floating Dock ?

A 22000T lifting capacity floating dock is a type of floating platform designed to lift and support ships and other watercraft for maintenance, repair, and construction. It is capable of lifting vessels up to 22,000 metric tons in weight, and provides a stable work environment for shipyard workers to perform necessary tasks on the hull, propellers, and other components of the vessel.


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