29,500 MT DWT General cargo vessel blt 1997 china for sale

Subject: 29,500 MT DWT General cargo vessel blt 1997 china for sale

Date: 2/8/2022 3:13:47 PM

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Flag / Homeport:                   St Vincent & The Grenadines

Where / when built:               Dalian Shipyard, Dalian, China / 15/04/997

Summer deadweight:             29,519.0tdw on 10.0385m, tpc = 41.04

Winter deadweight:               28,663.0tdw on 9.8295m, tpc = 40.87

Tropical deadweight:             30,378.0tdw on 10.2495m, tpc = 41.13

Fresh water deadweight:        29,518.0tdw on 10.2665m, tpc = 41.22

Tropical fresh water dwt:       30,360.0tdw on 10.4750m, tpc = 41.39

 Type:                                    open hatch box shaped general cargo

 Classification:                        Nippon Kaiji Kyoka

Gross/net tonnage:               19,354.0 / 9,614.0

Panama net tonnage:             16,164.0

Suez gross/net tonnage:       19,752.11 / 17,529.59

Length over all:                     181.0m

Beam:                                   26.00m

Moulded depth:                     14.40m

Distance keel to highest point of vessel: 41.15m

 Cargo Gear:                           5 Electro Hydraulic Type.

crane 1,4+5: SWL 30 mts, max outreachfrom centreline 22.0m

crane 2,3: SWL 30 mts, max outreach from centerline 26.4m

crane 2+3 can be combined to 58 mts for cargo hold 2/3

crane 4+5 can be combined to 58 mts for cargo hold 4/5

cranes shall not be used in combined mode without owners

prior written consent vessel can work max 4 cranes at the

same time

 No of hatches/holds:              5 / 5

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Contact Name:Mamud ba
Company Name:Marine International GRP Senegal
Mobile Phone:00 221 77 2065757

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2/23/2022 8:14:01 PM Netherlands

Dear Sir , please send me the technical information and the asking price. 

Sincerely Jack 


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