Subject: 2x Cummins QSK78-G9 Genset New 2023

Date: 3/12/2023 9:58:40 PM

Details: Reviews 2

2x Cummins QSK78 C3000D5 Open 3000kVA Standby / 2750kVA Prime 3 Phase / 400V /50Hz 40C Radiator Supplied loose Engine: Cummins QSK78-G9 

Alternator: Stamford LVSI804T Control Panel: Power Command 3.3 

New 2023 

Price on request

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Michael Lester
8/29/2023 3:07:27 PM United States

Are the two Cummins QSK78 50 Hz generator set still available?
If so, what is the price and where can they be inspected?

Please contact me by email or phone.

504–4 81–8040


Cameron Abbott
7/13/2023 10:50:34 AM Australia


Are these generators still available?




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What is Cummins QSK78-G9 Genset ?

The Cummins QSK78-G9 Genset is a power generation unit that consists of a Cummins QSK78-G9 diesel engine and a Stamford alternator. The QSK78-G9 engine is a high-performance 78-liter V18 engine that is designed to deliver reliable power in demanding applications. It is capable of producing up to 3450 hp at 1500 rpm, making it one of the most powerful engines in Cummins' lineup.

The genset is designed for continuous duty and can provide prime power output of up to 2750 kVA and standby power output of up to 3000 kVA at a voltage range of 6000 to 6600 volts and a frequency of 50 Hz. The genset is built to withstand harsh operating conditions and is ideal for use in large-scale industrial operations, data centers, hospitals, and other critical applications where reliable power is essential.

The Cummins QSK78-G9 Genset comes with a range of features and accessories, including a Cummins PowerCommand Control Panel, cooling radiator, exhaust bellows, and air filters. These components work together to provide optimal performance and efficiency, while also ensuring the safety and reliability of the genset.




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