Subject: 2x New Caterpillar C175-16 build 2018

Date: 3/30/2023 5:07:32 AM

Details: Reviews 3

Two units available

Caterpillar C175-16


  • Zero hours
  • 2375 KVA
  • 380 V
  • 50HZ
  • 1500 RPM

O&G specs . British Petroleum

80 tons each.

  • Alternator ABB 1800 ekw Continuous
  • Engine C175-16 with EMCP 4.2
  • 380VAC 3phase 50 HZ
  • Horizontal radiator motor driven for engine cooling system
  • Forced ventilation system
  • 2 hours diesel day tank for continuous operation
  • Engine standard Lube oil system with simplex filter
  • Duplex fuel filters
  • Spark arrestor silencers
  • Electric starting system
  • 9 consecutive starts for each
  • VRLA batteries with dedicated charger installed inside EDG package
  • Generator control panel integrated with ComAp control system

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Andrew Bulliard
7/11/2023 6:50:45 PM United States

I am looking for the serial numbers or arrangement numbers of these engines. We are the Caterpillar dealer in Louisiana and are in a dire need of a C175.

Abhimanyu Singh
4/23/2023 2:03:00 PM Nepal

If you have 6mw FO based genset please quote me your best price and contact me once 

Barry Melnick
4/16/2023 10:20:21 PM South Africa

Please advise location, pricing, photos etc.

Thank you 


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What is Caterpillar C175-16 ?

The Caterpillar C175-16 is a high-performance diesel engine designed and manufactured by Caterpillar, a leading global provider of diesel engines and generator sets for various industries, including power generation, marine, and industrial applications.

The specifications provided indicate that this particular Caterpillar C175-16 is configured as a generator set (genset) for power generation purposes. Based on the information given, here are the key features of this genset:

  1. Engine: Caterpillar C175-16

    • Zero hours (brand new, unused)
    • Rated power: 2375 KVA
    • Voltage: 380 V
    • Frequency: 50 Hz
    • Speed: 1500 RPM
  2. Alternator: ABB 1800 ekW Continuous

  3. Engine Cooling System: Horizontal radiator motor-driven

  4. Ventilation System: Forced ventilation system

  5. Fuel System:

    • 2-hour diesel day tank for continuous operation
    • Duplex fuel filters
  6. Lubrication System: Engine standard lube oil system with simplex filter

  7. Exhaust System: Spark arrestor silencers

  8. Starting System: Electric starting system with 9 consecutive starts for each

  9. Batteries: VRLA batteries with a dedicated charger installed inside the EDG package

  10. Control System: Generator control panel integrated with ComAp control system and EMCP 4.2

The Caterpillar C175-16 genset is designed to meet the specific requirements and standards of the oil and gas industry, in this case, British Petroleum. The generator set weighs approximately 80 tons, indicating its large size and significant power generation capacity.

This genset is suitable for use in various power generation applications, including continuous power supply, standby power, and peak shaving. It can be used in oil and gas facilities, as well as in other industrial, commercial, and utility settings that require reliable and efficient power generation.

What is Caterpillar C175-16 Diesel Engine Efficiency ?

The efficiency of the Caterpillar C175-16 diesel engine can vary depending on factors such as the specific configuration, application, and operating conditions. Generally, the C175-16 has a brake specific fuel consumption (BSFC) in the range of 0.38 to 0.45 lb/hp-hr (229 to 271 g/kWh), which can give you an approximate idea of its efficiency.

However, the overall efficiency of a generator set (genset) that uses the C175-16 engine will also depend on the efficiency of the alternator, the power factor, and other system components. It is essential to consider the entire genset's performance when evaluating its efficiency in a specific application.

To obtain the most accurate efficiency figures for a particular C175-16 diesel engine or genset configuration, it is recommended to consult with Caterpillar or an engineering firm experienced in diesel engine system design and integration. They can provide more detailed information and recommendations tailored to your specific requirements and operating conditions.




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