2x SPLIT Barge,DREG BARGE, FLAT Barge for Sale in India

Subject: 2x SPLIT Barge,DREG BARGE, FLAT Barge for Sale in India

Date: 3/15/2023 7:41:19 PM

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Please find the below details of Vessel:

1) Split Barge-

Length: 44m

Breadth: 7.58m

Gross Ton: 250t



2) Split Barge

Length: 44m

Breadth: 7.5m

Gross ton: 270t


3) Dredge Barge:

Length :29m

Bredth: 13m

Gross ton: 161t


4) Flat top Barge

Length: 40m

Breadth: 16m

Gross ton 350t.

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What is SPLIT Barge,DREG BARGE, FLAT Barge ?

SPLIT Barge, DREG Barge, and FLAT Barge are three different types of barges commonly used in marine transportation for carrying goods and materials on rivers, canals, and coastal waters. Here is a brief description of each type:

  1. SPLIT Barge: A split barge is a type of barge that is divided into two or more compartments, which allows for the transportation of different types of cargo simultaneously. The compartments are separated by watertight bulkheads, which prevent the cargo from shifting during transport. Split barges are commonly used for transporting bulk materials such as coal, grain, and aggregates.

  2. DREG Barge: A dredge barge, also known as a hopper barge, is a type of barge that is used for transporting dredged material such as sand, mud, and silt. Dredge barges are designed with a hopper-shaped hold that can be opened to discharge the cargo at the desired location. They are often used in dredging projects for maintaining and deepening waterways, harbors, and ports.

  3. FLAT Barge: A flat barge, also known as a deck barge, is a type of barge that has a flat, open deck with no superstructure or walls. Flat barges are designed to carry heavy and oversized cargo such as construction materials, machinery, and vehicles. They are often used in construction projects, for example, to transport construction materials to remote locations or to transport heavy equipment and machinery.

Overall, each type of barge has its own specific features and is designed to meet different transportation needs.


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