30 MW JMS620GS-E75 GAS POWER PLANT READY FOR PACKAGE SALE 2019year used 4000hour run

Subject: 30 MW JMS620GS-E75 GAS POWER PLANT READY FOR PACKAGE SALE 2019year used 4000hour run

Date: 4/6/2022 6:23:53 AM

Details: Reviews 3

Currently we have 8xJMS620GS for sale, only 4000 hours running, but we prefer to sell them as a package(the whole power station, totally 8 sets with accessories), the whole station is combined heat and power,the efficiency can reach 85-90%, which has great advantages

Only 10 months use after installation, very good condition. From a cancelled project in China.

More details please contact at

Whatsapp: +86 18813089573

30MW Gas power plant Scope of supply

  1. 8 X Gas generator set JMS620GS-S.L bench set Austria/Yanbach
  2. 80X sets gas compression pry TEL
  3. 2X Gas-liquid separation tank 800L
  4. 8X HT J620-HT machine
  5. 8X Remote radiator LT) J620-LT
  6. 8X Nail sleeve water • Circulating water pump CRE120-1/18.5kW Station
  7. 8X N2 expansion nig RV300/PN8
  8. 8X Fire extinguishing star silencer SM30/DN600/Q235
  9. DN600/PN6/SS304
  10. 8X Fire extinguishing chimney ©608x5/0235 H=15m
  11. 8X Gravity explosion relief valve DN400
  12. 1X Lubricating oil new oil supply skid V= 2.0MA3 /Q235
  13. 1X Lubricating oil waste tank V=6.5m^3/Q235
  14. 16X Air supply filter muffler clamp 2200x250Qxl920mm
  15. 16X Exhaust muffler clamp 1850x2250x1500mm
  16. 32X Explosion-proof shaft/mixed flow fan BAD800/7.5KW
  17. 32X explosion-proof shaft, 'mixed-flow fan BAD900/4.0kW table
  18. 8X Matching flange and fastener sleeve
  19. 8X MCC cabinet
  20. 12X high voltage SWITCH cabinet KYN28A, 8X Siemens circuit breaker"
  21. 8XSurge protection cabinet
  22. 2x PT cabinet
  23. 8XControls are also makeZA-KWR
  24. 8X Surge cabinet supporting high voltage cable CEFR L 240mm2 6/10kV
  25. 8XLow voltage power cable ZA-KW
  26. 2X gas flow meter luxBBHS31-016 -200


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3/14/2023 1:50:54 PM Lebanon

Dear Sirs,

We are highly interested by your AD for the sale of this 30 MW JMS620GS-E75 Gas power plant year 2019 with only 4000 working hours and kindly ask you to send us by email full technical specifications, scope of supply, photos, prices, delivery time and payment conditions.


Awaiting your kind urgent reply and offer 

best regards

Elias Haddad

Alan Walvin
12/2/2022 6:52:45 AM Indonesia

Dear Sir/Madam.

Please offer a quotation for the above referenced power plant.




Mr. Moshiri
7/3/2022 1:27:39 PM Germany


Please quote for this Plant if that would be still available to ask.



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