Subject: 300ftx 90ft x18ft deck barge for sale

Date: 15.08.2012 17:28:29

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Good day,

We have brand new 300ft x90ft x18ft for sale,the price is USD 1.9 million.

this barge can use the 29m 2400hp tugboat to towage.the brand new
tugboat price is USD 2.3 million.
delivry immediate.inspect in China.

Thanks and best regards,
Safir A/S
Høversjøveien 105, 2090 hurdal, Norway
Registration Number: 998430933
Owner: Mr Arnfinn Brenden
Tlf Indonesia office
Mr Agus Syamsul Arief
Mobile: +6285230991959, +6285746375959
Agus operat this mail // Desk

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300’ x 90’ x 18’DECK CARGO BARGE
The vessel is an unmanned dump barge suitably equipped for carrying deck cargo
for unrestricted services. The barge is all welded steel construction. It has flush
deck and twin skegs. The main hull is divided by six (6) transverse W.T. bulkheads
and three (3) longitudinalW.T. bulkheads into twenty-six (26) compartments.
Length O.A. : 91.5M
Breadth MLD: 27.46M
Depth MLD: 5.50M
Deadweight: 8200T(approx)
Deck loading: 15T/m2
The vessel is designed suitable for registration as a cargo barge and constructed in
accordance with the latest rules and regulations of ABS for unrestricted services and
to their special Survey to hull for Class for Unmanned Deck Barge. Notation
symbol +A1 Barge.
The following certificates will be supplied to the Owner at the time of delivery of
the vessel:
(a) Builder’s Certificate
(b) Temporary International (1969) Tonnage Certificate issued by ABS
(c) Interim Class Certificate issued by ABS
(d) Provisional Load Line Certificate issued by ABS
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All materials and workmanship will be of the highest quality, with all steel plates,
sections, hull forging and castings met with ABS Classification requirements and
The vessel will be welded constructed. Welding is to be carried out in accordance
with the Classification’s requirements and to the attending Surveyor’s Satisfaction.
Prior to the delivery, the hull and other fittings etc. to be thoroughly tested to the
satisfaction of the Classification’s attending Surveyor.
The stability booklet is to be prepared and supplied by the builder based on the
estimated lightship weight or the results from lightship Survey if and when required
by the Classification.
Bottom Plate 16mm
Deck Plate 16mm
Side shell 12mm
Longitudinal. BHD 8mm
Transverse BHD 8mm
Bottom Long. L125 x 75 x10
Side Long. L125 x 75x10
Deck Long. L200x 125 x12
BHD Long. L125 x 75 x7
Transverse BHD stiffer L125 x 75 x10
Bottom transvs. 485 x 9 + 127FLG
Side web 460 x 9 + 105FLG
Deck transvs. 560 x 10 + 155FLG
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Long. BHD web 460 x 9 + 105FLG
Stanchion H 250×250×9×14
Diagonals H 250×250×9×14
Bilges chine Ф50 R.B.
(a) Sideboard
Plate 15mm & 12mm
Longitudinal L125x75x10
Top longitudinal L150x90x12
Piller H 315×340×32×20
(b) One (1) 1590kg stockless bower anchor with 80m x 28mm diameter wire
(c) One (1) hand winch of 40kn is provided.
(d) Flush type watertight manholes of 630 x 430 on main deck are to be provided
for middle compartment and raise type watertight manholes of 600x400 are to
be provided for side compartment. Studs, washer and nuts are to be stainless
(e) Twenty-two (22) vertical steel ladders for access to under deck voids.
(f) Two (2) towing brackets to be fitted on bow deck.
(g) Eight (8) mooring bollards of 350mm diameter to be fitted on main deck.
(h) Small lugs for lashing of portable type fenders to be fitted on deck.
The name of the barge is to be welded and painted on the bow port and starboard,
the name and port of registry of the barge are to be welded on and painted on the
stern. All letters are to be not less than 300mm in height. Port of registry is to be not
less than 200mm in height. The draft marks are to be marked in meters in Arabic
numerals. The numbers are to be 100mm high spaced 200mm apart and the bottom
edge of each figure is to be to correspond to the exact draft indicated by that figure.
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ALL steel plates/steel material is to be grit blasted to S.A.2.5 on both sides of the
steel plates and all round on all other steel materials and cleaned to as high a
standard as possible in order to remove all the dust and mill’ scale prior to painting
with one (1) coat of marine primer. All steel surfaces are to be free from grease and
free from moisture before priming coats are applied. All coats are to be thoroughly
dry before further coats are applied on top.
Sixty (60) zinc anodes are to be fitted to protect the external hull below the
waterline against corrosion.


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Hojagurban Nurchiyev
5/12/2024 1:10:09 PM United Arab Emirates

Please advise: year of built, location and availability 

27.11.2015 22:56:49 Iran, Islamic Republic of

Please send quotation


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