Subject: 4 sets MAN 18V 3240 8MW HFO gen set for thermal power station

Date: 5/10/2024 8:19:07 AM

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Our company-BFMP deal with various marine engines & spare parts. We now carry stock of 6 sets of STX-MAN 18V 32/40 Gensets new with zero working hours, which can be used in sand-sucking ships building and land power stations. If any interest, pls kindly contact me for details, thanks.



Model : STX-MAN 18V32/40

Specification : 8640Kw x 720 RPM x 13.8 kvx 60 Hz

fuel oil :HFO or MDO

manufacturer : STX Engine Co., Ltd. – MAN impower factory/korea  

date of manufacturer : 2011year

test run date : March-Sep, 2011year

three generator sets : HYUNDAIHAR7189-1028

Type of super charger : NR34/S

cylinder diameter x length 320MM x 400MM

revolution R.P.M. 720rpm

Average effective piston pressure : 25.90Bar

Diesel engine output : 9,080kW

Dimensions : 1250037125230mm

Weight :?dry weight?142000kg

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