Subject: 440mw Ansaldo dual fuel CCGT for sale( 50hz)

Date: 7/6/2021 12:13:04 PM

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Power Train Siemens design based 440 MW - 50 Hz dual fuel (gas/oil) fired Unused, orginally packed, OEM warranty/guaranty available


CCGT- 440 MW Main technical features 

PRICE IS €55.0 million as is where is 

 Exclusive offer of brand new base load power train CCGT - 440 MW 

Manufacturing of all main components completed in 2013 

All components stored under conservation and ready for timely shipment 

Heat Balance Diagram composed as block type unit: one GT + one HRSG + ST 

GAS TURBINE ANSALDO 291 MW Gas Turbine, single shaft, cold end drive, annular combustor, heavy duty 

STEAM TURBINE ANSALDO 167 MW Steam Turbinethree cylinder type 

HRSG NOOTER ERICKSSEN HRSG horizontal flow type, equipped with natural gas post-firing

 Direct contracts with power train manufacturers

Equipment with basic design approval 

The system can potentially work for district heating

GT set includes: - Electrical generator - Static starter (SFC) 

- Excitation system 

Operation mode: 

Heat balance diagram allows to start operation depending on unit thermal condition: 

 Cold startup (after 36 hours outage) – less than 100 times during total operation life 

 Warm startup (less than 36 hours of outage) – less than 1900 times during total operation life 

 Hot startup (within 1-8 hours of outage) – less than 8000 times during total operation life) 

 Main fuel : gas; reserve fuel: diesel 

 Isolated operation of GT is not envisaged 

The CCGT operates on variable pressures’ mode


Please contact me for quote and more details

Best regards

Woonha Jee


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Contact Name:Woonha Jee
Company Name:INSOL Corporation
Mobile Phone:82 10 38999768
Country:Korea, (South) Rep. of

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7/31/2022 8:10:21 AM Iran, Islamic Republic of

Dear Sir,

Related to 440mw Ansaldo CCGT, please send me more detailed information if it is available now.

Best regards


Arsalan Mohammadi
7/30/2022 7:40:58 PM Germany

Dear Sir

Has it been sold?

Alex Gee
6/28/2022 1:10:57 PM Germany

Dear Sir,
Would you please send me further detailed info? alex.g(at)

Woonha Jee
3/22/2022 2:52:24 AM Korea, (South) Rep. of

Please advise your email address so that I can send you details 

3/21/2022 11:04:05 PM United Kingdom

Dear sirs

Can you please send me further details of the plant you have for sale.





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