Subject: 45-65k grains Ukraine / Israel

Date: 1/28/2023 1:34:30 AM

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Limassol, Cyprus

Please offer for:

45-65k mts grains (3 grades) in blk
lport: 1 Ukraine (Odessa or Yuzhny or Chernomorsk)
dport: 1 Israel (Haifa or Ashdod)

spot/ppt/beg of Feb 
10000/7500 sshex/fshex eiu

15 days free JCC
30 yrs old max

2,5 pct


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What is 45-65k grains Ukraine / Israel-Open Cargoes ?

"45-65k grains" refers to a range of grain cargo that can be transported, with a weight between 45,000 and 65,000 kilograms.

"Ukraine / Israel-Open Cargoes" refers to the origin and destination of the cargo. The cargo is coming from Ukraine and Israel, and is considered "open" which means that it is not committed to a specific vessel or voyage at this time. It's also means that the cargo is available to be shipped on any vessel that has available space and is traveling to the destination port.

This type of cargo is usually transported by bulk carriers, which are ships specifically designed to carry large quantities of bulk cargo, such as grains, coal, iron ore, and other raw materials. They are equipped with cargo holds and cranes for loading and unloading the cargo.


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