Subject: 460-968kW diesel genset

Date: 6/3/2024 10:50:54 AM

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 1. Gantry body, rear gear chamber structure, good rigidity, low vibration and low noise. 2. Four valve structure, one cylinder and one cover, convenient for use and maintenance. 3. The integrally forged high-strength crankshaft and tooth shaped high-strength connecting rod have higher strength and reliability. 4. The double supercharger intake system makes the intake more e?cient and full, and has a compact structure and beautiful appearance. 5. The unique dual electric control system, with high power, adopts an electronically controlled high-pressure common rail, which can achieve multiple injections, e?ectively reduce noise and vibration, and with low power, uses an electronically controlled unit pump technology to achieve the perfect combination of high power and high cost performance. 

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