4units of Hfo/diesel MAN 18V32/40 generator set (8.6MW,720rpm)in stock for sale

Subject: 4units of Hfo/diesel MAN 18V32/40 generator set (8.6MW,720rpm)in stock for sale

Date: 5/9/2024 10:34:27 AM

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     STX MAN 18V 32/40 heavy oil generator set, original brand new machines, can be used in shipbuilding (sand suction ships) and land-based power stations.

Qinhuangdao Northern Marine Machinery Import and Export Co., Ltd., business scope: marine main engine, generator set, land power station unit supporting and spare parts, etc.


Our company-BFMP deal with various marine engines & spare parts. We now carry stock of 6 sets of STX-MAN 18V 32/40 Gensets new with zero working hours, which can be used in sand-sucking ships building and land power stations. If any interest, pls kindly contact me for details, thanks.



Model : STX-MAN 18V32/40

Specification : 8640Kw x 720 RPM x 13.8 kvx 60 Hz

fuel oil :HFO or MDO

manufacturer : STX Engine Co., Ltd. – MAN impower factory/korea  

date of manufacturer : 2011year

test run date : March-Sep, 2011year

three generator sets : HYUNDAIHAR7189-1028

Type of super charger : NR34/S

cylinder diameter x length 320MM x 400MM

revolution R.P.M. 720rpm

Average effective piston pressure : 25.90Bar

Diesel engine output : 9,080kW

Dimensions : 1250037125230mm

Weight :?dry weight?142000kg                                                                                                                                                  




















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5/12/2024 8:38:47 AM Saudi Arabia

we are working with  our Company to a new project in Yemen,The project is A HFO power plant with a capacity of 30 megawatts net will be established and connected to the local grid(distribution network)  
"We would like to know the prices of the following models, including delivery to the Republic of Yemen.

MAN 18V32/40 , 50 HZ , 11 KV

and the price for the other generator set (Rated Power 5 MW  to 9 MW , Generator) if possible
Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. I look forward to hearing back from you soon.

best regards,





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