Subject: 4x Solar T60,year:2007,Voltage:6600V/50Hz

Date: 6/11/2021 12:30:10 PM

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4x Solar T60,year:2007,Voltage:6600V/50Hz,current Fuel: Coke oven gas, also Fuel:Natural Gas(exchange cost:35,000usd/1unit T60)


  1st  3rd 2nd 4th
S.O.No.: 77181 3B271 3B271 3B271
S.No.: TG05958 TG07N19 TG07N20 TG07N18
Engine number ET7901-59-DLB 1776T 1777T 1536T
Operated hours 23065 11669 15010 7888
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Contact Name:YANG TONY
Company Name:China Heavy Machine Ltd
Mobile Phone:+86 13951775097
Phone:+86 25 68847238

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