Subject: 50 x 500 kW Portable Diesel Gensets for Sale

Date: 9/1/2021 6:54:18 PM

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50 Units - Stadco Generators

Model No. RP500FM

Manf Date: January 2015

Mod Job NO. 44737

Serial No. 37534-1207R

Rated Voltage: 600VAC

Phase: 3

Frequency: Variable

Continuous Amps: 400 @ 0.9PF

Continuous Watts: 375 kW

Intermittent Watts: 475 kW

RPM: 1900

  • Note: These gensets are non-failed cores with low hours (less than 1000 hrs). Gensets can be converted to 480VAC and or refurbished upon request for an additional fee. 
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Contact Name:Edward Eastlack
Company Name:Eastlack Consulting LLC
Mobile Phone:5044322785
Country:United States

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