5,000 -10,000 DWT Self Propelled Cargo Barge with Hatch Covers

Subject: 5,000 -10,000 DWT Self Propelled Cargo Barge with Hatch Covers

Date: 8/7/2021 8:29:42 AM

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Good day,

We are interested to purchase 5,000 - 10,000 DWT Self Propelled Cargo Barge with Hatch Covers.

Please contact myself should barges become available with above criteria.

Kind regards,

Jacob Housley

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Elvis Ntchoh
4/22/2024 5:46:20 PM Cameroon

Helo . WE are looking for a 10 000 - 45 000 tons barge to transport scrab from Équatorial Guinée ( Malabo) to Cameroun (Douala). Thé scrab IS made up 80% of metalic pipes and thé rest an all mixture . Please advice on prices and conditions .

Borboh Kallon
7/25/2022 1:35:35 PM Sierra Leone

Dear Sir 

We are in search of a self propelled barge capacity to load bauxites 10000 mt . please revert with price if available.

Ernest Ackwerh
7/14/2022 12:09:27 AM Ghana

Thanks for the prompt response. Kindly link up via e-mail tawiack88@yahoo.co.uk

Warm regards

Karl Maxwell Alabi
1/4/2022 12:01:01 AM Belgium

Dear sir,

I am consulting for a used 10,000DWT self propelled barges for Bauxite and iron ore transportation in Senegal/ Guinea hope you will be able to source for a good condition one for sale.

Best regards,

Karl Alabi


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