Subject: 5/21.000 mts blk feldspar dwt sf Gulluk / Novorossiysk

Date: 5/24/2023 11:55:38 AM

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Gd day


pls offer fr
5/21.000 mts blk feldspar dwt sf
Gulluk / Novorossiysk
any june
ttl days dep on size 
3,75 ttl


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Limassol, Cyprus

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  What is 5/21.000 mts blk feldspar dwt sf ?

This appears to be a shorthand summary for a contract or charter party in the shipping industry. Here's a breakdown of each part:

  1. 5/21.000 mts blk feldspar: This represents the cargo details. The ship is expected to carry bulk ("blk") feldspar, a type of mineral used extensively in ceramics and glassmaking. The cargo's weight is likely somewhere between 5,000 and 21,000 metric tons ("mts"), but the specific meaning of "5/21.000 mts" would depend on the context or specific trade terms being used.

  2. dwt sf: This abbreviation could stand for "deadweight tonnage scale factor," a factor used to adjust the cargo capacity (deadweight) of a ship due to the specific cargo being carried. However, without more context, it's challenging to be certain about this.

  3. Gulluk / Novorossiysk: These are the names of ports, indicating the route the cargo will take. Gulluk is a port in Turkey, and Novorossiysk is a port in Russia.

  4. any June: This probably indicates the anticipated timing for the shipment. The shipment will occur in June, but the precise date is not specified (hence "any June").

  5. ttl days dep on size: This abbreviation could stand for "total days depend on size." It likely means that the total number of days needed for the shipment would depend on the size of the cargo or the size of the vessel.

  6. 3,75 ttl: This appears to be referring to the total commission due to the brokers involved in arranging the deal, often expressed as a percentage of the freight cost. In this case, a 3.75% commission would be inferred.

Please note, while this is a likely interpretation based on common shipping and chartering abbreviations, these shorthand notes can sometimes have specific meanings unique to a certain business or agreement. Always seek clarification in these situations to ensure understanding.

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