Subject: 5x Cummins C1675D5A Open type-Brand new 2022 built

Date: 4/19/2023 4:53:40 AM

Details: Reviews 6

5x Cummins C1675D5A Open Type ( Brand New 2022 Built )

1675kVA Standby / 1500kVA Prime

3 Phase / 400V / 50Hz

Engine: KTA50GS8

40C Radiator

Alternator: Stamford PI734D

Control Panel: Power Command 3.3

Battery Charger & Water Heater

Open Skid Mounted

Contact me by email for more details and price.

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6/7/2024 1:55:59 PM Viet Nam

Is this generator available. Is it from England? 

Adam Shera
2/2/2024 4:21:33 AM Mexico


Dear Sir/Ma  


What is the availability, price and payment terms for each unit?  Kindly contact me by email and whatsapp

I will be waiting for comment. Thanks


Adam Shera

Line M
5/9/2023 12:31:56 AM Canada

you can contact me by email

Line M
5/9/2023 12:29:48 AM Canada

You can contact me by email

Line M
5/7/2023 5:39:00 AM Canada

Hi, you can contact me by email :

Thank you

5/5/2023 2:53:58 PM United Arab Emirates

Please let me have price and details 


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What is Cummins C1675D5A Genset ?

The Cummins C1675D5A Genset is a diesel generator set designed for providing electrical power in both standby and prime applications. It is rated at 1675 kVA for standby power and 1500 kVA for prime power. This genset operates at 3-phase, 400V, and 50Hz frequency. Here are the key components and features of the Cummins C1675D5A Genset:

  1. Engine: The generator is powered by a Cummins KTA50GS8 diesel engine, which is known for its reliability and durability.
  2. Radiator: It is equipped with a 40C radiator for effective cooling of the engine during operation.
  3. Alternator: The Stamford PI734D alternator is responsible for converting the mechanical energy from the engine into electrical energy. Stamford is a well-known manufacturer of alternators for generator sets.
  4. Control Panel: The Power Command 3.3 control panel manages the genset's operation, monitoring, and protection. It provides user-friendly controls and displays for easy operation and maintenance.
  5. Battery Charger & Water Heater: These components ensure the genset's reliable starting and operation under various conditions. The battery charger maintains the battery's charge level, while the water heater ensures optimal engine temperature during startup.
  6. Open Skid Mounted: The genset is mounted on an open skid, which makes it suitable for various applications and allows for easy installation and maintenance.

Overall, the Cummins C1675D5A Genset is designed to provide reliable and efficient power generation for a wide range of applications, including commercial, industrial, and backup power needs.

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