Subject: 77 MW Rolls Royce Trent 60 DLE Siemens Complete Combined Cycle Power Plant

Date: 3/18/2021 2:04:53 PM

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77 MW Rolls Royce Trent 60 DLE Siemens Complete Combined Cycle Power Plant

 Power Plant installation started in 2017 but was never commissioned

 It is zero-hr and for sale immediately as complete combined cycle power plant. 

Some guarantees are still valid by OEM. 

Power Capacity : 77 MW Combine Cycle Power Plant 

Gas Turbine : Rolls Royce Trent 60 DLE, 63 MW most advanced aero derivative gas turbine in its class. 42.5% simple cycle turbine efficiency. 53% combined cycle efficiency. Fast cold start under 10 minutes 

Fuel : Natural gas 

Steam Turbine : Siemens AG, 30 bara 17.9 MW 

HRSG : Nooter/Eriksen 

Switchyard : Produced and installed by Alstom Energy. 

Current Status : All equipment is at site. Installation started in May 2017.

Please contact me for more details

Best regards

Woonha Jee

INSOL Corporation 


101-802 , Bundangro 190 

Seongnam city, Kyonggido

13581, Korea 


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Mohammad Mustafa Akbari
1/7/2023 11:03:43 AM Afghanistan


Please provide price, complete equipment inventory and guarantee included in this package.

Thank you for your prompt response.


Dr. Akbari

Nisar Ahmad Rahmnay
1/7/2023 9:10:33 AM Afghanistan


I'm a committed customer. Would you please clarify the following information?

  • complete commercial and technical detail package, including the
  • power plant price
  • Current Power Plant Location (current installed location)
  • List of equipment ready for shipment
  • preservation records, which equipment is still covered by warranty,
  • The plant's efficiency and performance
  • Engineering drawings,
  • Transport drawings,
  • Installation drawings and all supporting documentation

Please kindly send the aforementioned information, specifically the first four bullet points, to the below email address:

6/21/2022 11:26:32 AM Nigeria

Ed Griffin
6/21/2022 10:28:45 AM United States


I am a serious buyer. Are you the direct owner of the equipment or broker?  Can you please send full technical detail package, location of equipment, tell me which equipment is still installed (if any) and needs to be taken down prior to shipment, what equipment is ready for shipment, do you have preservation records, tell me what equipment is still under warranty, What is performance efficiency for plant, engineering drawings, transport drawings, installation drawings, all documentation. Please send all of the above to

Thank you very much

Ed Griffin

Woonha Jee
3/14/2022 5:01:09 AM Korea, (South) Rep. of

Yes still available 

Please advise your email address so that I can send you detail

Best regards


Ono O
3/11/2022 3:23:52 PM Nigeria


Is this still available?

Ono O
3/11/2022 3:17:48 PM Nigeria

Is this still available?


Mario Rubio
4/21/2021 8:57:03 PM El Salvador

Please provide price, complete equipment inventory and guaratee included in this package. Assuming it is a 50Hz, power plant, please advise if equipment can be modified to work at 60Hz. with associated cost of parts and labor.  Equipment would be shipped to Central America. Thank you for your prompt response.

Mario Rubio

Whatsapp + (503) 7855-8860


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What is Rolls Royce Trent 60 DLE Siemens Complete Combined Cycle Power Plant ?

The Rolls-Royce Trent 60 DLE is a gas turbine that is used in combined-cycle power plants in partnership with Siemens. The Trent 60 DLE is part of the Trent family of gas turbines produced by Rolls-Royce, a British multinational engineering company. It is known for its high efficiency and low emissions, making it a popular choice for power generation applications.

A complete combined-cycle power plant using the Trent 60 DLE would typically consist of multiple components, including the gas turbine, a heat recovery steam generator (HRSG), and a steam turbine. The waste heat from the gas turbine is captured by the HRSG and used to generate steam, which then drives the steam turbine to generate additional electricity. This results in a highly efficient power plant that can produce electricity with lower emissions compared to traditional power plants.

For more specific information on the Rolls-Royce Trent 60 DLE Siemens complete combined-cycle power plant, it is best to contact Rolls-Royce or Siemens directly.


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