Subject: 800mw CCGT ( Two Frame 9FA with Alstom STG )

Date: 7/6/2021 12:09:31 PM

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The CCPP plant is a 810 MW (2 x 405 MW, ISO), combined cycle power plant.

The project comprises of 2 identical streams of 1+1+1 configuration.

Each stream has one 9FA Gas turbine from GE USA, one steam turbine generator from Alstom,

Germany and one HRSG built by L&T along with associated auxiliaries and balance of plant.

The plant is designed to operate on Natural Gas.

The plant generation is at 15.75 KV stepped up to 400 KV for synchronization to the grid.

The plant was constructed by L & T

The plant was commissioned in Oct 2015 and is not in operation as there is no gas

supply. It is currently under preservation as per OEM norms ( GE, Alstom , L&T).

The units can be relocated at a suitable location within a period of approx. 24 months.

Owners had signed a Long Term Service and Parts Supply Agreement with GE for the

Periodic maintenance and technical support for the Gas Turbines. They will also provide

services for maintenance and spares supply for the Steam Turbines.

All plant and equipment will get warranties and guarantees for performance from respective OEM’s.


Plant Capacity


2 X 405.40 MW at ISO conditions.

2 X 383.78 MW at site conditions.

Gross Heat Rate – 1515 Kcal/Kwh on LHV basis at ISO conditions.

Auxiliary power consumption < 3%.


Fuel requirement: Natural Gas ~ 1.64 mmscmd at 9500 Kcal/scm, HHV at site conditions.

Water Consumption 25000 cu.m per day.

Emission Limits


Provided with Dry Low NOx burners with NOx and CO limits as 35 ppmv &

15 ppmv @ 15% O2 resp.


Supplementary Duct Firing 33 MW capacity.

Start up and Controls • Islanding capability to meet the house load.


• Capable to reach full load in 90 min. under hot conditions.

• Possible to start GT from local as well as remote.

• Capable of quick response to unscheduled demand.


Gas Turbine Running Hours • Unit #1 -2790 Fired hours.


( Hot Gas Path Inspection at 24000 hrs. & Major inspection at 48000 hrs.)

• Unit #2 -1547 Fired hours.

( Hot Gas Path Inspection at 24000 hrs. & Major inspection at 48000 hrs.)

Operational Features Operational Features


Sl. No. Equipment Capacity

1 Gas Turbine 2 x 240 MW

2 Gas Turbine Generator 2 x 214 MVA, 0.80 P.F

3 Steam Turbine 2 x 144 MW

4 Steam Turbine Generator 2 x 169.65 MVA, 0.85 P.F

5 HRSG 2 No. Vertical, Triple pressure , Reheat type

6 Power Transformer for GTG 2 x 277 MVA

7 Power Transformer for STG 2 x 170 MVA

8 Unit auxiliary transformer 2 x 28 MVA

9 EDG 2 X 1.01 MVA

10 CW pump 4 X 14260 m3/hr.

11 Condensate Extraction pump 4 X 570m3/hr.

12 HP/IP Boiler Feed Pump 4 X 410 m3/hr.

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Carlo van Wyk
9/28/2021 8:38:39 AM South Africa

Please Provide Detail drawings  and Price


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