90MW HITACHI GAS-TURBINE POWER PLANT for sale ( 2 sets x 30MW Gas-Turbine + 1 set 30MW Steam turbine)

Subject: 90MW HITACHI GAS-TURBINE POWER PLANT for sale ( 2 sets x 30MW Gas-Turbine + 1 set 30MW Steam turbine)

Date: 4/3/2021 1:55:15 AM

Details: Reviews 1


Following power plant can be run on natural gas with modification on burners and control'



2 sets x 30MW Gas-Turbine + 1 set 30MW Steam turbine

Total capacity: 89,680KW

Price :USD3,800,000 FAS including dismantling packaging local transportation to shipping port 

Price is sharply reduced now and if interested please send LOI ASAP 


?Basic information

Type :2sets Gas Turbine +1 Steam Turbine Type Combined Cycle

Current condition :Under operation

Operation start :2006 June

Daily operation :Monday – Friday Day time operation only

Approximately 2300-2400hours per years operation

Total work hours :35,000hours

To be released :Most provably on around June 2021 (Not final fixed )

Frequency :50Hz


?Gas Turbine

Commodity :Used Gas Turbine Generator with combined cycle equipment

Brand :Hitachi

Output :61,740kW

Gas Turbine H-25

30870kW x 2units



Type A: HFO A type (Marine Diesel Oil)

Type B: Natural Gas can be used  with modification on burners and controls 


Rotation speed 7,275min-1

Alternator 33690kVA x2units

Power factor x Voltage 0.95 / 11,000v



Exhaust Gas boiler 5.23MPa / 523?


Natural circulation recompression exhaust heat boiler


?Steam Turbine

Output :27940kW x 1unit

Type Impulse single flow exhaust steam condensate type

Rotation speed 3,000min-1



Fuel tank 780m3

Cooling Tower 5900m3/h

Water purify 600m3/day


Inspection: Immediately.

Delivery: May, 2021

Condition: Operating at site.


Please contact me for more details 

Best regards

Woonha Jee

INSOL Corporation 


101-802 , Bundangro 190 

Seongnam city, Kyonggido

13581, Korea 

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Josiah Mangireni Massochua
12/12/2022 1:39:11 PM Mozambique

we are interested in the 90 MW plant you selling 

we need it for a 560000house city

Please send us some technical details,  some photographs and the price CIF MAPUTO port Mozambique 

Thank you


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