Subject: Ammonia (NH3) Plant - 100 TPD

Date: 4/9/2021 11:04:54 PM

Details: Reviews 2

Used 100 TPD Ammonia Plant built in 1966. Skid-mounted, designed by N-Ren (Amopak process) immediately available for quick loading and shipment. All the equipment has been dismantled. The plant includes the process sections of 

(a) Natural gas desulfurization 

(b) Catalytic steam reforming 

(c) Carbon monoxide shift 

(d) Carbon dioxide removal 

(e) Methanation 

(f) Ammonia synthesis 

(g) Purification. The plant has 

(3) Worthington, multi-purpose and multi-stage electric motor driven reciprocating compressors (now only 2 such compressors available, A & B). Each compressor consists of (4) stages for syngas, (3) stages for process air and (1) stage for ammonia refrigeration. The plant also has (2) Worthington reciprocating electric motor driven compressors to recirculate the syngas back to the synthesis loop. 

The loop operates at 4,500 psig pressure. The primary reformer was rebuilt in 2011 and has not been used since then. 

There are 64 catalyst tubes in the reformer with tube material of HP modified, 25-35 with Niobium. 

Operation pressure of reforming and purification section: 240 psig; synthesis loop: 4850 psig, maximum 5150 psig.

 ----- The sales package excludes a few equipment items: Worthington compressor C and related components (9 cylinders, 1 air distance piece, crankcase, lube oil pumps), skid containing secondary ammonia condenser and refridge ammonia condenser, gas filter, amine heat exchanger and process gas cooler. 

----- The sales package includes some equipment items from another N-Ren Amopak plant of the same capacity. Key equipment includes methanator, CO2 absorber, converter heat exchanger, condensate separator, amine reboiler, amine heat exchangers, cartridge filter, acid gas cooler, regenerator, let-down drum, vent condenser receiver, primary condenser, primary and secondary separators, ammonia converter.

 ------ Consumption data per ton of ammonia product: 38000 SCF natural gas, 3500 Lbs steam, 6940 Lbs treated boiler feed water, 75000 gallons cooling water, 740 KWH electricity. 

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Greg Worley
6/23/2021 11:28:53 PM United States

Are these plants still available and where are they located?

Asking price?


Hossein Nosratabadi
6/12/2021 8:36:14 AM Iran, Islamic Republic of

Dear Sir/Madam

we are Arshakalaye farivar LLC, in Iran. our activities are marketing of Oil, Gas and Petrochemical products. our Customer is seeking a small Ammonia production plant " preferably Used" for the production capacity of 100 TPD or less. on approval please send us your available plant's catalog delivery Terms, Payment Terms, and price.

Thanks in advance and best regards

Hossein Nosratabadi



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