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Dear All Have a good day We want to sale below item in our ready stock: 1.Differential pneumatic pressure transmitter type: DPT250 2. Oil mist detector types: VN215/87 EMC, VN215/87 PLUS, VN215/87, VN215/93 maker: Schaller visatron 3. Pressure transmitter type: 8202 maker: Trafag 4. Pressure transmitter type: EMP2 maker: Danfoss 5. Differential pneumatic pressure transmitter type: DPT250SR maker: Sami 6. Oxygen analyzer type xendos 1800 maker: Servomex 7. Pneumatic pressure transmitter KE 21 maker: Nagano Keiki 8. Differential pneumatic pressure transmitter type: KE 22 maker: Nagano Keiki 9. Differential pneumatic pressure transmitter type: 7MF4433-1DA02-2AB1 maker: Siemens 10.pressure transmitter type : ANS -C 103W.K2Q 11.pressure transmitter type : WKH 31 12.pressure transmitter type : PT1211G08.2C 13.pressure transmitter type : KH 50 14.pressure transmitter type : KH 51 15.pressure transmitter type : KDP 22 Y 16.Graviner MARK 6 = 01 pc Please reply us,If you need any above item. We will quote very reasonable price.

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