Subject: Aviation (Aircraft & Spares) For Sale & Wanted

Date: 8/16/2021 11:52:52 AM

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Dear sir/ma'am  


We are looking specifically for a special type of Aviation (Aircraft & Spares) . Please kindly respond back to my my company email so i can forward direct to you the details of the exact type of Aviation (Aircraft & Spares) we need for immediate purchase/


We are looking at buying 3 units if available. Please contact immediately


If anyone interested let me know.  


Thank you  



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Garin Nikitin
4/4/2023 11:21:51 AM Russian Federation

Dear Sir/Ma


We have available petroleum and petrochemical products from top Russian refineries such as Jet A1, Jp54, D2, D6, EN590 Available for Verification, Contract, and payment (Ci / Verify & Pay). Good and workable procedure. We are experts in the exportation of Russian and None Russian Origin Petroleum Products around the globe. ( Rotterdam, Kazahkstan & Houston) Contract us for full Offer if Interested


Skype: Garin Nikitin

Email :  

Tel & WhatsApp : +7 (926) 341 5664


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