Brand New MAN 6L27/38 medium speed diesel generator sets for sale 4 units in stock

Subject: Brand New MAN 6L27/38 medium speed diesel generator sets for sale 4 units in stock

Date: 3/27/2023 10:11:59 AM

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Currently we have 4 units of  MAN 6L27/38  HFO Generator set for sale


Model MAN 6L27/38

Mode: Four stroke, In-line,6cylinders

Gen.sets data  1900 Kw x 720 RPM x 690v x 60 Hz  

Types of Alternator HFJ7710-10P

Technical Data:

Cylinder bore 270 mm

Piston stroke?380 mm  

Speed 720 RPM  

Power of one cylinder 330 kW / cyl  

Engine power 1980 kW  

Gen.set power:1900 kW  

Power factor cos phi(lagging) 0.9  

Frequency and Voltage 60Hz & 690V

Air intake: turbocharged and after cooled  


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What is MAN 6L27/38  HFO Generator ?

The MAN 6L27/38 HFO (Heavy Fuel Oil) generator is a type of diesel engine that is commonly used for power generation in various industries. It is designed and manufactured by MAN Energy Solutions, a leading provider of power generation solutions.

The MAN 6L27/38 HFO generator is a four-stroke, medium-speed engine that operates on heavy fuel oil. It is a highly efficient and reliable engine that can be used for both continuous and standby power generation applications. Its output ranges from 1.8 MW to 4.5 MW, depending on the specific model.

One of the key features of the MAN 6L27/38 HFO generator is its ability to operate on heavy fuel oil, which is a less refined and less expensive fuel compared to diesel fuel. This can provide significant cost savings for operators who use the generator for extended periods of time.

The engine also features advanced fuel injection and combustion systems, which help to optimize fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. This makes the MAN 6L27/38 HFO generator a more environmentally friendly option compared to other types of power generation equipment.

Overall, the MAN 6L27/38 HFO generator is a reliable and efficient power generation solution that can be used in a variety of industries, including marine, oil and gas, and power generation.


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