Subject: Cargo Ship Scraps for sale

Date: 1/14/2023 7:29:59 PM

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To who it may concern

We are from Russia and we have 8 ship to sell for scrap located here in the Russian Federation.

We would like to know if you have any serious and interested customers?

Please feel free to ask any questions..



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Ivan Vitaleevich
7/14/2023 10:15:15 AM Russian Federation

Dear sir/madam, 


Thanks for your inquiries in regards to available scrap ships/tankers. Kindly contact directly through Email / WhatsApp or share contact details so that we can get in touch with list of availability for further processing. 


All inquiries 

Email:  ecooil-storage(at)list(dot)ru 


Anticipating your feedback.

Cpt Prafulla Ranjan
7/13/2023 6:50:26 PM India

Hi good evening.

we are interested

Please send details n contact me on my whats app no +91 9321570128


Cpt Prafulla ranjan 

Ivan Vitaleevich
2/27/2023 2:20:29 PM Russian Federation

Dear sir, 


Thanks for your inquiry and we do hope this note finds you in good health. 


We will greatly appreciate to disclose further information through email or WhatsApp and not on this platform. 

Kindly share details or email us directly


Anticipating your reply.


Kind regards

Ivan V.


R. Thiyagan (Omar)
2/20/2023 11:09:53 PM Sri Lanka (ex-Ceilan)

We are into S&P of demo vsl.

Can you please send us the full vsl particulars,, S&T booklet, port of inspection and prices with some pics. ?

Shop's speed and consumption figures are a must.



Huseyin Sarihasan
2/1/2023 11:16:47 AM Turkey

Dear Vitalevich

Can we have more details from the ships. Location, Size, Owners, Delivery time, ect.

B. Regards

Capt.Vic Climaco
1/19/2023 6:03:13 PM Philippines

Hello.. My company is an authorized broker from our investor in London and Turkey looking for any scrap ship with LDT of !500 tons and above and in running condition. Please do contact me for possible business deals. Thank you..


Capt.Vic Climaco

GM,LVMI maritime services and trading

Whatsapp +639999452225


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What is Cargo Ship Scraps ?

Cargo ship scraps refer to the leftover materials and components from cargo ships that have reached the end of their useful life and are being scrapped for recycling or disposal. These scraps can include a wide range of materials, such as steel, aluminum, copper, and other metals, as well as engines, generators, and other mechanical and electrical components.

When a cargo ship has reached the end of its life, it may be sent to a ship breaking yard, where it is dismantled and its various components and materials are separated and sold for recycling or reuse. This process can be dangerous and labor-intensive, as the ship's components are often heavy and difficult to access. However, it can also be environmentally beneficial, as recycling the materials from the ship reduces the need for new materials to be mined and manufactured.

The scrapping of cargo ships is regulated by international and national laws and regulations, which aim to ensure that the process is carried out safely and responsibly, and that the workers involved in the process are treated fairly and work under safe conditions.



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