Subject: Caterpillar C280-16 engine only.

Date: 4/23/2021 9:27:13 PM

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Built year 2013 

Model: C280-16 with 7.5 hours Test hours only.


  • Qty: 1 Engine
  • Make: CAT
  • Model: C-280-16
  • Hours: 7.5 Hours of Use (Only hours have been used for testing)
  • Use: for a Kato Generator (not included in this sale)

The Following Features Accessories Are Included:

  • PMG (300% SC 10 Sec) for Regulator Power
  • Stand-Off Terminal Connectors, mounted in outlet box.
  • Double Tube copper-nickel air to water heat exchanger w/water leak detector
  • Special frame for water cooled totally enclosed alternators.
  • (6) 100 ohm RTD's embedded in stator windings for temperature monitoring, 2 per phase.
  • Formed Stator Coils with100% solid epoxy vacuum pressure impregnation of windings, followed with an epoxy overspray including rotor and stator iron. Diode failure Detector(Kato) which detects shorted and open diodes by means of monitoring exciter field current.(2) 100 ohm RTD's installed in bearing housing for temperature monitoring (1 per brg) Commercial Space Heater Shaft driven oil lubrication pump for bearings. Fittings and oil system not in Kato's scope. Two vibration detectors (One per bearing) Provisions for forced lubrication on drive and opposite drive end. All fittings and connections by others. Suitable for tilt requirement of 15° Static Pitch and 22.5° Dynamic Pitch.
  • Includes a redundant air prelube pump for blackstart conditions. The air pre-lube pump will take suction from the same sump as the electric driven & mechanical driven pumps. The following sensors are included:
  • Lube tank low level switch.
  • Lube tank temperature sensor(high temperature alarm)
  • Flow Switch
  • Mechanical Pump Lines
  • Included is one (1) lot of additional lines groups provided by CAT to allow circulation of lubricating oil by mechanical pump. The mechanical pump is supplied by the generator manufacturer


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Country:United Kingdom

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