Subject: Charter enquiry 6 x 300ft barges

Date: 16.10.2016 01:52:46

Details: Reviews 6

Good day,

We have following firm charter enquiry: 
6 x Flat Top Barges 300 ft (incl. tug boat.)

Commencement: November 2016
Scope of work: Pipe transport
Area of Operation: Arabian Gulf
Commission required 2.5%

The project will start with 2 or 3 barges and at its peak will require up to 6 x 300 ft barges incl. tugs

10,000 tons D.W.T self propelled barges will also be considered 

When offering please submit vessel details and current location.

We look forward to receiving your reply.

Best Regard

Macdavid Macadavid Jr.
Lino Marine Inc.
Accra Ghana
P. O. Box SK 199,
Sakumono, Ashaiman Lashibi Road
S&P and Chartering

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Wichy Castro
9/13/2022 9:31:44 PM Chile

BARGES CHARTER (self-propelled or with tugboat).

  1. Material: Crushed Stone Ballast
  2. Volume to be transported: 1 400 000 tons.
  3. Contract execution period: 9 months
  4. Estimated start of operations: Second half of December 2022.
  5. Characteristics of the Barges:
  • Length of less than 100 meters
  • Beam of less than 30 meters
  • Maximum draft (loaded) 4.50 meters
  1. Load requirement per trip: minimum 7 000 tons
  2. Navigation 400 miles
  • Depart - Puerto Cienfuegos, Cuba
  • Arrival - Puerto Morelos (Q. Roo), Mexico
  1. Load Rate 1 day (with conveyor belts)
  2. Download Rate: 2 days

Mohammad shafiul Hasan chowdhury
8.2.2020 15:34:52 Bangladesh

We are in stone business for almost 5 years based in Bangladesh. We do import stone aggregates from Dubai and Gujrat,India via large Bulk carrier ie. 40000-60000 Mtons. Now we would like to import stones aggregates via small Barge Upto our site in karnafuli river bank Chittagong, Bangladesh. So therefore, if u r company have any source of Barge ship of any size for international wateraway plz let us know. Best regards Mohammad shafiul Hasan chowdhury

Dev kumar
25.9.2017 10:34:21 Malaysia

We ae looking for 300 feet barge to carry Coal from Indonesia to Penang, pls advice ur interest


20.12.2016 12:17:15 Malaysia

Pls call or email if still need as requested.

06.12.2016 13:37:48 India

Your above listed enquiry is closed or still pending?????

20.10.2016 11:21:20 Malaysia

we have 12 X 300ft deck barges available with Multi purpose Ocean going Tugs for charter.


please confirm 


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