Subject: CHINA SDEC power Genset engine R series (7 Models) 27-105 kW

Date: 5/21/2024 11:25:22 AM

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Model SDEC R series

Bore × stroke 94×100mm

Diesel engine power 27-68kw

Emission 2.8L

Gen set power 20-50kw


The R series diesel engine is a product of the same name introduced from VM Company of Italy. It is famous for its powerful power and excellent performance in the European market. With low comprehensive fuel consumption, it can greatly improve the attendance rate and reduce operating costs.

Product Features:

1. Meet the requirements of secondary motors(3000rpm)?and meet the national three emissions;

2. Synchronous products for automobile platforms, with ultra-high reliability;

3. The overall performance index is superior;

4. Strong cold start and plateau capability;

5. Small volume, light weight, energy saving and fuel saving;

6. NVH has excellent performance to meet the requirements of ultra quiet design;

7. Large market volume, convenient maintenance;

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