China Yamaha Outboard Motor Parts Factory Manufacture Chinese Outboard Motor For Boat And Outboard Engine

Subject: China Yamaha Outboard Motor Parts Factory Manufacture Chinese Outboard Motor For Boat And Outboard Engine

Date: 1/8/2022 4:57:03 AM

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Cang Long is a professional China outboard motor parts supplier that integrates R&D, production, sales and after sales. We produce new and used outboard motors and outboard motor spare parts such as 15hp outboard motor Impeller Assy, 40 hp outboard engine and 15 hp outboard motor for sale.

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8/30/2023 8:51:12 PM Benin

We have branded and quality outboard inboard motors 2/4 strokes and 5hp -500hp. (Mail ;(

Rakit sanjah
8/30/2023 8:46:56 PM United States

We have brand new outboard motors /engine with accessories,gear,manual,throttle, cables and others. All comes with 5 years warranty international and local service. ( Mail ;( )

Abdullah Rahman
6/5/2023 9:41:47 AM Saudi Arabia

Dear Sir,

Zawariq Industries is a boat manufacturing company based in Jeddah Saudi Arabia. We are installing Yamaha outboard engines in our boats. 

We need the spare parts of YAHAMA Outboard engines of different strokes. Please send me a complete list of your products with prices and the availability.

Best regards,


Abdullah Rahman

Procurement & Logistics Manager

Whatsapp:   00966508064718

Salehe Kapera
3/31/2023 6:33:50 AM Tanzania, United Rep. of

Parts number

68V-W1164-02 @4pcs

KoA-A3721-00 @1pc

608-11603-10 @1pc

62F-11181-03 @1pc

68V-13045-10 @4pcs


Yamaha boat spare parts 

11/1/2022 7:49:58 PM United States

I am interested to buy 100 sets of Yamaha 15Hp outboard Engine of the following Specs .

Please provide the best offer 

Engine    1.1 Engine:                                                                                                     2- Stroke (inline 2)   1.2 Power:                                                                                                                           15 hp   1.3 Displacement:                                                                                           approx. 220 280 cc  1.4 Full Throttle range:                                                                                       4500-5500 RPM  1.5 Starting system                                                                          Manual starting system (MH)  1.6 Steering /control system                                                                                    Tiller steering  1.7 Shift:                                                                                            Forward- Neutral Reverse   1.8 Fuel:                                                                                                      1 x Carb-premix 50:1  1.9 Max Fuel Usage:                                                                              8 Litres/hour @5500 RMP    1.10 Trim & tilt:                                                                                                                

Jedo blessing
10/27/2022 12:54:00 PM Nigeria

Outboard engine e40j and parts.

10/24/2022 6:50:24 AM Canada

I  am looking for a source of parts for various outboards,what do you have to offer for replacement parts 

Jedo Blessing
9/16/2022 10:10:41 PM Nigeria

I want to buying outboard engine E40J and parts

Mrs efemena Lisa okrikpa
5/20/2022 12:32:50 AM Nigeria

I need Yamaha engine 85hp 3 carburator


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