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IMPROVED CONDITIONS We need your help to find urgently an open tonnage of 10K aprox in Caribbean. We can easily work returning cargo due to this is the first voyage for 3 years COA. Marine Multiservices s.a. as ship broker, is under control of the Following cargo bellow described; we request your firm offer as follow: Charterers: Full BCKGND in our hands Commodity: Thermal Coal in Bulk SF (WOG) 43 QUANTITY: 7,500 + 3,290 METRIC TONS (MT) UP TO VESSEL MAXIMUN SAFE ARRIVAL DRAFT 28 FT FRESH WATER POL (1) : BARRANQUILLA – COLOMBIA (Sociedad Portuaria Ex-Argos Berth or nominee in same area) FIOST FREE DISPATCH Cargo : 7,500 MOLOO 5% depends on safe departure draft (Magdalena River Fresh Water) Loading Rate: 3,500 MT PD wwd shinc / Loading by Conveyor belt / Owners must satisfy themselves for port restriction. LAY CAN : DECEMBER 1 TO 5TH 2011 please try vessel dates POL (2) : GUARANAO – VENEZUELA (CHARTERERS Berth) – FREE D/A Cargo : 3,290 MT. Cargo will be brought on board in big bags and them emptied into hold by Charterers stevedores. Cargo will be Commingled; no segregation is need. Loading Rate: 2,000 MT PER GANG PD wwd shinc / Loading by Hooked spreader (12 ton each hook) 2 spreader available / Owners must satisfy themselves for port restriction. POD : Munguba - Brazil (see attached port information only as reference) Owners must satisfy themselves for port restriction. Please see some port pictures for your guidance . MAXIMUN DRAFT ALLOWED WITH 10,500 MT IS DRAFT 28 FT FRESH WATER; FREE D/A DISCHARGE: Full cargo of Thermal Coal. Berth from JARI PAPEL & CELULOSA company. DISRATE : 2,000 MT PD wwd shinc / vessel crane must be used. Vessel must be grabbed; in case not, charterers will supply rent grabs at their owns account at Amazona River entrance (MACAPA port) via Barge, operation coordinated by charterers but Owners / Master must give his best cooperation to allow this operation. At Munguba there is only one hopper loader for the 26 cubm trucks; so operation must be fine coordinated with shore gang. Two gang can work at same time. FREIGHT IDEAS 36 USD PMT BASIS 2/1 Commission here: 1,25% MMS @ Panama: Total 1.25% GENCON 94 w/log ammdts and dltns. Here the necessary data/ please quote ASAP, lay can is too close. Empresa certificadora INSPECTORATE Colombia SA Contacto Ing Davis Amaya e-mail Cel + 57 - 314 2566057 (Hora de Contacto dias laborables luego de 9 AM) Port operator at Barranquilla BITCO SA Contact Ing Alejandro Munera e-mail Cell + 57 - 316 3895254 (Hora de Contacto dias laborables luego de 9 AM) Custom office at Punto Fijo ADUAIMPORT CA Contacto Sr Esmat Saab e-mail Cel + 58 - 414 6967761 (Hora de Contacto dias laborables luego de 8 AM) Stevedores at Punto Fijo ALPAZOLICA CA Contacto Ing Nelson Aguilar e-mail Cel + 58 - 424 6631320 (Hora de Contacto dias laborables luego de 9 AM) - Munguba Port Administration : Amazon Logistics Ltda Port of Munguba Phone : + 55 91 3736-1500 Fax : + 55 91 3736-1624 e-mail : Tlx : 51 94078856 Via London AGENT AT MUNGUBA: Oceanus / Lachmann Contact : Mr. Rubem Rocha Pinto Macapa and Munguba Branches Somente com Agentes | As agents only. Phone/Fax + 55 96 3225 3301/3302/3307 Mobile + 55 96 8106 0101 / 9129 5044 Email : Email: Visit our Website: Hope you can find the necessary information with them. Attached find some helpful information. CAPTAIN CSAR VICENTE As broker only MARINE MULTISERVICES S.A. Contact numbers:  +507-6450-4451 / +507-399-1232  +507-394-4474 

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