Aarding Thermal Acoustics - Exhaust Gas Systems, Ducting and Silencers

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Aarding Thermal Acoustics - Exhaust Gas Systems, Ducting and Silencers

Contact Name :Aarding Thermal Acoustics
Company Name :Aarding Thermal Acoustics - Exhaust Gas Systems, Ducting and Silencers
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Aarding Thermal Acoustics (ATA) specialize in engineering, contracting and supplying products to the global power energy market and petrochemical industry. ATA is an independent company and has headquarters in Nunspeet, the Netherlands, as well as a regional office in Singapore for the Asian market.

The range of products ATA supply to the world market includes:

  • Exhaust gas systems
  • Ductwork and system casing
  • Thermal insulation
  • Flue gas silencers
  • Vent silencers for steam and gas applications
  • Boiler internals
  • Acoustical enclosures

Exhaust gas systems

ATA’s exhaust gas systems consist of complete engineering (including mechanical strength calculations and flow modelling) for diffuser ducts, GT exhaust ducts, complete bypass systems and single cycle units. These products are supplied as turn-key for new power plants or refitted to existing power plants as part of service and maintenance.

Ductwork and system casing

ATA supply ductwork and system casing in various applications for many projects. ATA deliver complete fabricated panels for several types of boilers in various sizes, which are discussed with our clients. Our goal is to deliver the ducting in a most economic way for the client, as well as for ATA.

Thermal insulation

The so-called floating plate system consists of a thermal insulation material covered with liner plate sheeting to protect the insulation.

The service consists of complete detail engineering, supply of insulation wool and prefabricated liner plates, studs, nuts and washers and installation instructions. Supervision can be provided on a case-to-case basis.

Boiler internals

Boiler internals ATA can supply include several types of baffle plates, such as sound absorber plates, sealing plates, flow baffles and bumpers for HRSG applications. ATA provide complete and detailed engineering, fabrication and transport to the site.

Flue gas silencers

Flue gas silencers are designed to reduce the noise level of exhaust gases anywhere in the installation to guarantee low noise emissions into the environment.

A flue gas silencer consists of a number of panels filled with sound-absorbent material. These panels are positioned parallel to each other and to the exhaust gas flow. This is done in order to minimize the pressure drop over the silencer and to maximize the contact area. The noise is reduced during the time the gas is guided through the panel section.

Vent silencers for steam and gas applications

Vent silencers can be found at locations where steam or gases are discharged for safety or operating reasons. When steam and gases escape under high pressure, a lot of noise is made and levels from 100dB(A) to 150dB(A) are not unusual.

The exact moment of blow-off cannot be predicted when safety devices are used, which means that shock reactions can occur. When gases or steam are being blown off (for example, discharging of autoclaves), the present environmental regulations require the use of a silencer or muffler. This ensures the noise emission standard is not exceeded.

Acoustical enclosures

ATA's acoustic enclosures are custom engineered to suit the application and customer specifications. Factors affecting the enclosure design include noise reduction requirements, mobility, easy maintenance and service access, exhaust and electrical requirements and weatherproofing.

The enclosure can be acoustically treated with inlet / outlet silencers, special acoustic walls, air handling equipment, fire extinguishing systems or extensive exhaust systems, which are thermally insulated.


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Country : Netherlands
E-Mail : info@ata-bv.com
Web : www.ata-bv.com
Phone : 31   341 252635
Fax :31   341 262112
Address :Aarding Thermal Acoustics bv Industrieweg 598070 AB NunspeetOtherNetherlands

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