Akcay Metal & Ship Recycling

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Akcay Metal & Ship Recycling

Contact Name :Capt. Mutlu YILDIRIM
Company Name :Akcay Metal & Ship Recycling
Details :

As we are serving Europe's and Middle East's only ship demotion area we are a specialized company of ship demolition, trading of M/E, A/E, T/C Units, propeller & propulsion systems and any other equipments demanded by customers. Our aim is to provide timely service to our customers with cost efficient prices. Please feel free to contact with us for your all kind of needs.

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Country : Turkey
E-Mail : yildirimmutlu48@gmail.com
Web :
Phone : 90   5432170169
Fax :90   2326182144
Address :Gemi Sokum Tesisleri Hurdaclar Sitesi 120 Nolu Parsel Aliaga, Izmir/Turkey

Skype: mutluyildirim48

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