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Anna Solution Technology Co., Ltd.

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Company Name :Anna Solution Technology Co., Ltd.
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Anna Solution Technology Co., Ltd. is officially establish in 2011 in luzhuang industrial park zone by some scholars and their students. Because of its scholarship background, we pay quite high attention on the products design, reasonable assembly, traceable test and after sales service.  From the very beginning, Anna Solution places industrial strength and customer service as the two key roles in machine's whole life. We listen to and discuss with clients what they really need and how to achieve, how to make improvement, etc. All our products are quite cost effective and useful. Until now Anna Solution already gains more than 35 patents and establishes professional English speaking after sales department.  

For clients who need the machine, machine itself is just a part of the needs. Operation, maintenance, trouble shooting, spare parts,relevant materials are necessary for the clients. To achieve  one step solution, we manufacture CNC machines and invest in some material factories. We are located in the same Anna solution industrial park but divided into different workshop. Each workshop has its own management and KPI. We train all our workers.We share the same strict requirement on incoming materials, standardize assembly and test process, 100% finished product inspection, etc. Our products meet relevant international standards such as CE, FDA, ISO, etc.

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Address :No. 59 South Industrial Road

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